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Hobbyists and tinkerers with few resources created some of the greatest brands.

You can replicate the most important factors of their success.


The 7 Disciplines

People with virtually no money, or sector expertise, created and scaled innovation to achieve global impact. These unconventional disciplines achieve incredible results.


Team Spotlight:

UJ, Founder & CEO

His innovation career spans 20 years in companies like Coca-Cola, P&G and Grey where he led the launches of numerous global brands. He left it all to start Blue Earth when he realized traditional management doctrine isn’t serving anyone.


Become a Certified Professional Innovator

Blue Earth has partnered with the 4th largest business school in the US to train senior executives in the Blue Earth Model of transformational change.

What We Do


for Corporations

Develop insights, disruptive innovations, and business models to unleash the full potential of your organization to change the world.

for Start-ups

To bring your ideas to life, starting tiny is a huge advantage. Learn how to use the 7 Disciplines to put a dent in the universe.

for Nonprofits

What do Mahatma Gandhi and Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman have in common? They both used the Transcendent Adoption Curve© to ignite global movements.

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