Blue Earth’s transformative innovation and branding system is based on a 15-year study that has distilled the underlying drivers common to successful social movements and Transcendent Brands©.

Great leaders leveraged these drivers to build transcendent brands (Apple, Nike, Red Bull, Harley-Davidson etc.), dismantle empires (Gandhi), and transform civil rights (MLK).

The Blue Earth Model© integrates the processes, tools and skills required to discover, invent and scale transformative solutions. This model has been used by organizations large and small like Home Depot, Heinz, Panasonic, the Gates Foundation, NewTree, and Captain Planet.

There are 3 ways you can leverage the Blue Earth Model© to drive transformative change:


Executive Training & Development

We train executives and entrepreneurs to lead scalable, transformative innovation.

Participants transform their own mental models, and learn to apply the Blue Earth Model© through customized Action Learning workshops where they develop actual innovations!

The outcomes include an inspired and engaged team, and invariably, several breakthrough innovations.


Transformative Business Partnership

We partner with a few, carefully selected, businesses that are seeking to scale.

We work with the leadership as an integrated part of their team, to help develop and execute transformative growth plans.

This includes oversight and execution of product innovation, brand design, marketing communication, channel strategies, and business model innovation.


Blue Earth Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is a 3-6 month group program that helps high potential businesses refine and launch their growth plans.

Each Launch Pad is a series of group workshops and individual coaching sessions to help a cohort of visionary Founders/CEOs to develop their transformative value propositions, refine their offerings and define a scalable business model and team.

Additionally, Blue Earth designers can help you develop Transcendent Brand Manuals©.
This includes naming, logos, visual identity, packaging and marketing collateral.

The Blue Earth Model©


  • Uncover unmet human needs
  • Clarify your authentic purpose
  • Identify Barriers to Behavior Change
  • Facilitate stakeholder alignment


  • Transform your Value Proposition for Behavior Change
  • Design and prototype disruptive innovations
  • Scientifically validate human adoption of the innovations


  • Build a scalable go to market strategy
  • Execute Transcendent Branding & Communication
  • Evolve Organizational capacity for scale