Leading Transformative Innovation

Training and Facilitation

Blue Earth’s transformative innovation and branding system is based on a 15-year study that has distilled the underlying drivers (principles) common to successful social movements and Transcendent Brands©. Great leaders leveraged these drivers to build global brands (Apple, Nike, Red Bull, Harley-Davidson etc.), dismantle empires (Gandhi), and transform civil rights (MLK). The Blue Earth Model© integrates the processes, tools and skills required to discover, invent and scale transformative solutions.

Most training programs make participants feel inspired to adopt new leadership behaviors but when they are back to the grind on Monday morning, those resolutions are often not put into action and the effect from the training evaporates.

Blue Earth helps clients sustain their new leadership competencies and behaviors by integrating training, strategy development and execution through facilitated action learning and coaching by applying the latest science in transforming behavior.

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Challenges and Solutions

7 Key Challenges Most Organizations Face:

  1. Achieving Organic, Sustainable Growth
  2. Creating Innovations and New Business Models
  3. Understanding Customers and their Needs
  4. Attracting and Retaining Talent
  5. Engaging Employees
  6. Managing The Risk of Launching New Innovations and Business Models
  7. Breaking Down Silos

We Help You Overcome These Challenges By:

  1. Building an interconnected innovation culture by develop transformative thinking, intrapreneural spirit and innovation leadership skills
  2. Co-creating breakthrough and sustainable solutions with serial-intrapreneurs at your side
  3. Guiding the launch and scaling of innovations that fuel your transcendent brand

Blue Earth Services

In addition to providing customized consulting services, we offer the following programs

Transcendent Innovation Leadership Training & Development

Custom programs ranging from 1 day to 6 months, consisting of workshops, individual coaching and field research during which we train and coach executives and intrapreneurs to lead scalable, transformative innovation.

Participants transform their own mental models, and learn to apply the Blue Earth Model© through Action Learning workshops where they develop innovations that can be commercialized.

The model, is based on the behavioral, cognitive and social drivers behind the adoption of revolutionary ideas and technologies. It will give participants an opportunity to learn and practice some of the levers of envisioning the future, inventing transformative products and solutions, and inspiring behavior change at scale. To help make the learning sustainable, participants will also receive one on one coaching. The outcomes include an inspired and engaged team, and invariably, several breakthrough innovations.

Co-creating Transcendent Innovations

We work with business leaders and their cross functional teams to facilitate the complete innovation process. From strategy to idea development to execution.

The teams go through a process of discovering transformative growth opportunities, developing customer insights, inventing disruptive innovation, refining and validating the viability of the business case, and developing launch plans.

We also support these teams in executing these launch plans. This includes execution of product and brand development, design, marketing, channel strategies, and business model innovation.

Finally, we help these teams navigate the uncertainty and internal barriers to optimize innovation upside with scientific risk management through all stages of development to in-market launch.

Guiding the Launch and Scaling of Transcendent Innovations

Creative ideas and breakthrough innovations often can’t survive in a large organization because of conflicting priorities with the core business that generates short term earnings.

We help corporations to focus on short term earnings without sacrificing their transformative innovations by hosting corporate startup teams at our incubator.

They receive everything they need from team development, and coaching to execution support from our shared services group.

The teams will develop and execute transformative business plans including branding and marketing, sales and distribution business models, and organization structure for scale.

We help companies choose from various cutting edge models for managing “re-entry” of these teams into the business.

Additionally, Blue Earth designers can help you develop Transcendent Brand Manuals©.
This includes naming, logos, visual identity, packaging and marketing collateral.

The Blue Earth Model©


  • Uncover unmet human needs
  • Clarify your authentic purpose
  • Identify Barriers to Behavior Change
  • Facilitate stakeholder alignment


  • Transform your Value Proposition for Behavior Change
  • Design and prototype disruptive innovations
  • Scientifically validate human adoption of the innovations


  • Build a scalable go to market strategy
  • Execute Transcendent Branding & Communication
  • Evolve Organizational capacity for scale

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