Blue Earth is a multi-disciplinary team of master innovators, business strategists, brand creatives and performance coaches. Our backgrounds include developing, launching and scaling global brands for organizations like P&G, Coca-Cola, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Kimberly-Clark. Together we now share a mission to facilitate positive change in the world.

Each Blue Earth team member is versed holistically in the 7 Disciplines of Transcendent Brands, yet each contributes unique expertise and leadership to different phases of implementation. As a result, the fidelity of the strategies derived from the 7 disciplines is preserved for every client, from conception to execution.


Blue Earth Founding Partners

Udaiyan "UJ" Jatar

U.J. is a passionate believer in the power of human ingenuity to transform the world. He has seen transformative innovation from the vantage point of selling door to door in India to leading global innovation and marketing at P&G and Coca-Cola.

He developed the Blue Earth model of Transcendent Innovation and Branding based on his experience of seeing “ordinary” people achieve “impossible” outcomes when inspired and empowered, even in highly resource-starved environments.

UJ’s main role at Blue Earth is to help teams remove mental barriers, craft breakthrough innovation, and develop scalable brands and business models.

Reiner Lomb

Reiner’s passion is to help develop and transform people, teams and organizations. He writes and blogs frequently about leadership, and is the author of "The Boomerang Approach."

Reiner’s expertise draws on more than 35 years of experience in global leadership roles in the U.S. and Germany and spans multiple industries with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Nixdorf Computer AG, Sperry Univac (now Unisys) and Mehler AG/Gloeggler-Group. At Hewlett-Packard, Reiner started and launched multiple new software products and initiatives, and helped to develop HP Software into a multi-billion dollar global business unit.

At Blue Earth, Reiner specializes in leadership development, innovation processes and organizational transformation.

Blue Earth Network Consultants

Bart King

Bart believes in the transformative power of communication for uniting people in common purpose. He is passionate about helping individuals and organizations clarify and communicate their intentions.

After completing degrees in journalism and creative writing, he covered the environment and cleantech for nearly a decade, and served as an editor for Sustainable Brands, Sustainable Business and other industry publications. He left journalism to directly support clients such as the Business & Environment Initiative at Harvard Business School, Janine Benyus and Biomimicry 3.8, the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech, and VF Jeanswear.

Bart’s primary role at Blue Earth is to help teams develop and execute effective strategies for marketing and PR communications.

Bryan Alli

Bryan Alli has spent his 25-year career building global programs that transform strategy into tangible, optimized and sustainable operations.

Bryan is a PMP Certified Program Development, Transformation and Management specialist with undergraduate degrees in Finance and International Business along with an MBA from Duke University. He has lived and worked in five countries developing and executing skills including Business Strategy, New Product Development, Process Optimization, Change Management, Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management.

Bryan is passionate about designing and implementing sustainable and integrated growth solutions with purpose. He is currently focused on supporting businesses to design and build expansive and sustainable operating models that in turn transform the industries they serve.

Dave Ventresca

Dave is passionate about leveraging available technologies to build resilient digital landscapes that help small- and medium-sized businesses compete.

Dave is a business and technical consultant, a custom WordPress developer and graphic artist. Over the past 5 years, he has worked with over 50 businesses to develop new websites, rebrand (logos, taglines, color schemes, site aesthetics, etc), build custom applications and increase organic search traffic to their websites, applications and social media profiles.

Dave has joined the Blue Earth Network to develop tools that support content creation, increase visibility and integrate applicable technologies to strengthen the digital landscape of Blue Earth and it's customers.

Matt Stepp

Matt combines his love of fine art and graphic design to create meaningful user experiences in advertising, editorial layout, marketing, prepress and digital design.

He received his BFA from Clemson University with a focus in 2D art, and began his career designing for a series of local business and finance magazines. He moved to Atlanta to join the marketing department of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where he worked on a holistic brand update for the hospital system, among other high-profile projects.

Matt’s role at Blue Earth involves conceptualizing projects and executing digital and print designs that help brands create highly empathic consumer experiences.

Shaheera Ikram

Shaheera is an experienced CPG marketer with a passion for brand strategy, new product development and communication execution.

Shaheera has managed global iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite for more than 10 years. She has led a number of innovation initiatives and created several award-winning marketing campaigns that achieved local and global recognition. She has a proven track record of managing complex projects across the U.S., Far East, Middle East and Central Asia regions.

Shaheera leads marketing strategy and execution for Blue Earth clients.

Shouvik Ganguly

Shouvik is an experienced General Manager, Brand strategist and Marketer with a passion for sustainability and innovation.

He has worked with Coca-Cola for 18 years across geographies and cultures in leadership roles managing global brands, P&Ls, sales and operations. Shouvik was National Brand Director of the Coca-Cola brand in the US, and has also been responsible for breakthrough sustainability innovation like the PlantBottle which he led from idea to a global launch and Splash Bar which he led from Strategy to idea into commercialization.

Shouvik leads global brand and business strategy for Blue Earth clients.

Suruchi Jaichand

Suruchi is passionate about building teams and processes based on purpose and values alignment. She believes in transparency, integrity and responsibility in relationships (both personal and professional).

She worked for Bank of America in several senior roles including Credit Analysis, Operations and Process Re-engineering and brings “structure” as a balance to the more creative elements of the Blue Earth team.

In addition to her involvement in strategic planning, she supports Blue Earth clients in operations and finance.

Vishay Singh

Vishay believes successful entrepreneurs must invest in three things: people, process and marketing.

Vishay is a successful entrepreneur himself having started, built and sold more than a dozen businesses in South Africa, India and the U.S. His goal is to help entrepreneurs accomplish their true purposes by leveraging Blue Earth’s methodology to achieve breakthroughs in innovation, process and marketing.

Vishay’s role at Blue Earth is to integrate transcendent branding disciplines into digital media and create entrepreneurial solutions to help clients reach their full potential.

Alison Cargo

Alison is passionate about helping others turn their visions into reality. She utilizes her experience in project management and accounting to ensure goals and objectives are executed on time and within budget.

The majority of her professional career was with McKesson Technology Solutions, where she managed projects in accounting, finance, IT and operations. She has certifications in Project Management, Agile and Six Sigma. Alison earned her BS in Accounting from Clemson University and enjoys college football.

At Blue Earth, Alison specializes in project management, financial strategy and financial analysis.